100% Natural Beard Products

At kaizen Barber, as a professional barber shop in Mijas, we offer our clients personalized services of beauty and facial, hair and body care.

Avant-garde and quality is what we offer to our clients every time they come for any type of treatment.

Throughout this post we will comment some of the most used products in Kaizen Barber.

Productos de barbería

Professional Barber Products

Here are some of the beard products and main brands we use in our Kaizen Barber shop.

Keiken Umi Natural Men Organic

Cera cabello caballero natural men keiken umi

Keiken Umi barba

Keiken Umi has more than 10 years of experience in the production of organic seaweed-based cosmetics for all ages.

The Natural Men Organic line is made of 100% organic and bioactive products. Products that respect the environment and help to care for skin and hair.Keiken Umi Natural Men Organic

Keiken Umi’s Natural Men Organic product line consists of men’s shampoos, anti-ageing products and hair wax.

Hair Wax for men or Hair Wax Natural Men

Hair wax for men by natural men is one of the most widely used products in our barbershop. The wax is made with essential oils, wax and organic honey. It is removed by washing.

Keiken Umi Natural Kids Organic

The Natural Kids Organic is the line of products of the Keiken Umi brand specialized for children and elaborated with 100% organic components and without toxins.

All Keiken Umi children’s products have natural components with neutral pH, no sulphates or parabens and are especially designed for sensitive skin. This way avoiding possible allergies.

Products Macho Beard companyMacho Beard Company

Macho Beard is a company that specializes in beard products such as beard oil, balsam, beard wax and much more.

Macho Beard Products

The care of our beard must be a fundamental pillar and if we choose 100% natural products, much better. That’s why at Kaizen Barber we use wax, 100% natural oils and Macho Beard balsam.

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