Corte Pelo Hombre 2019

Men’s Hair Cut 2019

Every year fashions evolve and change in all areas, clothing fashion, beard types and of course, trends in men’s haircut. That’s why we’re going to do a review of what are the main trends in men’s hair during this 2019.

Men’s Hair Trends 2019

Next we will review the different haircuts for men that are being worn during this year.

Long hair for men

Long hair is a reality today. Have straight, curly hair… long hair is being the “boom” of nowadays. It’s a way to recover trends and fashions from the 80’s or 90’s.

Length for several hair types

Whether you have straight or wavy hair, let it grow by treating it with professional products and maintaining it thanks to a professional barber, your hair will take the desired and modern look.

Tendencias Corte Pelo Hombre 2019

Natural and casual style

We have lived many years of very worked hair that distanced of naturalness as the so much used degraded. Now the natural waves, the casual air and even the being “disheveled” are part of the haircut for man 2019. Everything will depend on the type of hair, volume and growth. In other words, the aim is to find a hair with movement, which appears to be natural and which, despite being worked, does not appear to be so.

Toupee doesn’t go out of style

We all know different celebrities who use the toupee, and it hasn’t gone out of style. With the trend for this 2019 somewhat longer hair, the toupee is part of one of the main hairstyles today.

Hair color

As far as colour is concerned, it has for some time now had a tendency to discolourate the hair. Another colour that is gaining strength in men is black. We have gone from platinum blonde to dark hair dyeing.

All these trends can be seen in the latest fashion shows such as Paris, London or Milan. Although they can also be observed in everyday life on the street, our friends…

Professional Barbershop

In Kaizen Barber, Barber shop near Marbella and Mijas, we have hairdressing products from the hand of a professional barber.

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